The most popular ports in Naples are Molo Beverello, Calata Porta di Massa, Mergellina and Porto di Pozzuoli.

If your schedule also includes a couple of days to visit the islands, this article would come in handy to understand how to go around and reach the main port: Molo Beverello.

This is the most favoured port – along with Calata Porta di Massa port – for one day trips or longer journeys, to Capri, Ischia, Procida, but also Ponza and Ventotene.

This is also where Metrò del Mare set out. It connects Naples to Cilento and Amalfi Coast.

Molo Beverello is just across Maschio Angioino, and it is connected to the port of Calata Porta di Massa. It is 1 km away, and you could reach it by a free shuttle.

You have different options to reach the port, according to the means of transport you would choose to go to Naples.

From our rooms in Napoliving, you could also reach the port by walking. If you are going to stay with us, you would save some time in your schedule to visit the city, but also to embark for the islands.

Photo of the map of the Port of Naples, from the official website:

From Napoliving to the Port of Naples

Our building is located on Corso Umberto, and it is only 1 km away from the Port of Naples – a 10 minutes walk.

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Once you walk out the front door, you take a left and reach Piazza Bovio, and then you walk on Via Agostino De Pretis.

At the end of the street, you will be in Piazza Municipio which you would recognise from the near Maschio Angioino. From there, you should walk towards the sea, and you will notice the entrance to the Port of Naples, Molo Beverello.

However, if you come by plane and you need to go to the Port as your first stop, you should follow the directions below.

From Capodichino Airport to the Port of Naples

Once you land at Capodichino Airport, you can take the ‘Alibus’ line to reach Molo Beverello.

The route is Airport/Station/Port and backwards, it leaves every 20 minutes and it takes around 40 minutes.

The price for a ticket is €5, and you can purchase it on board.

Alibus stops right in front of the Port of Naples and it goes on to Calata Porta di Massa.

On ANM official website – the local bus service operator – you would find all information about departure, stops and where to buy tickets.

If you come to Naples by train, you can find the directions to reach the Port from the train station below.

From Naples Central Station to the Port of Naples

From Naples Central Station, in Piazza Garibaldi, you have three different options that will take you to the Port of Naples: by walking, by Alibus, or by underground.

If you choose to walk, Naples Central Station is 3 km away from Molo Beverello. It will not be tiring, since you would walk on a straight road.

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Once you are on Corso Umberto I, you would need to walk all the way down to Piazza Bovio, then take Via De Pretis and reach Piazza Municipio.

Regarding the Alibus, the route is the same, but instead of taking the bus at the airport, you would wait for it at the stop in Piazza Garibaldi.

If your choice is the underground, you would need to take Linea 1 from the Central Station to Piscinola, and get down at the Piazza Municipio stop.

Lastly, if you come to Naples by car, you would find the directions to reach the Port from the motorway A3 below.

From motorway A3 to the Port of Naples

If you choose to come to Naples by car, and your first stop will be one of the islands, you would need to reach Molo Beverello.

No worries! Here is the route from motorway A3:

  • Follow the signs to Napoli Porto/Napoli Centro;
  • Follow directions to Via Reggia dei Portici;
  • Take Via Alessandro Volta, Via Amerigo Vespucci, Via Nuova Marina, and then Via Ammiraglio Ferdinando Acton towards Molo Beverello.

Once you are there, if you do not need to embark your car, you would find Pay & Display car parks near the Port, such as:

  • Garage Buono: 100 car spots, open 24/7, and the option to buy a ticket for multiple days. Since it is not very large, you should book a spot at +39 335 499658;
  • Park Car Sud: near Piazzale Pisacane, with the option to pay hourly or daily tickets. You should also consider booking a spot at +39 081 201175.
  • Tirreni Parking: near Porta di Massa, indoor, and open 24/7. You could book a spot on their official website.
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We hope you have all the information about the necessary directions to reach the Port of Naples in the easiest way possible, and according to your needs.

We look forward to welcoming you to our rooms in Napoliving, to greet you and give you all the information you might need.