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The Capri Room of the Napoliving structure has been designed and decorated in full Capri style, with a wall painted in a relaxing and pleasant turquoise color, to remind the name by which it is also known: the blue island.

To personalize the room, as for the others, there are two paintings made on commission by a local painter that recall the colors and settings of the island of Capri

Equipped – as all the rooms of the structure – with a private bathroom with large shower, the Capri Room is a Junior Suite, ideal for a couple or for three people (there is, in fact, a practical sofa bed), thanks to its many comforts

Free Wi-Fi

Minibar and fridge

Courtesy set

Daily towel change

Daily room cleaning

Coffee machine and pods

Electric kettle and tea and herbal tea kit

44 inch TV

Air Conditioning


Baby crib on request

Why a room dedicated to Capri?

Capri is not only an island rich in history, culture and breathtaking landscapes, known all over the world, but it is also and above all a symbol of our beautiful Naples and its Gulf.

Not to celebrate it would have been unforgivable, but what finally convinced us was a beautiful legend, a story of denied love told by an extraordinary woman, born in Greece but lived in Naples: we are talking about Matilde Serao.

In her masterpiece “Neapolitan Legends”, and more precisely in the story “The Legend of Love”, there is the story of the birth of the island of Capri.

We’ll tell it to you right away.

The tragic love between Capri and Vesuvius

“Passion is in the last little story you’ll hear. It is about a noble gentleman from one of the first seats in town who fell madly in love with an enemy maiden.”

These words, written by Matilde Serao, almost seem to recall the masterpiece of tragic love par excellence, Romeo and Juliet.

Here too, the protagonists are two young lovers, belonging to two opposing families.

His name was Vesuvius, a “knight of violent character, fiery temperament, ready for resentment and anger”, madly in love with a girl named Capri.

Unfortunately, their love clashed with the will of the Capri family, which prevented the marriage between the two young lovers. In order to drive them away definitively, they decided to “embark the girl on a felucca and send her to a stranger land”.

She got on the ship, and as she walked away from her beloved, the young girl Capri “felt her soul ripped away”.

So, “kneeling down and saying a short prayer, she leapt into the waves, from where she came out a blue and green island”, thus giving rise to the island that bears her name.

Vesuvius, when he heard of the girl’s death, “began to sigh warm sighs and tears of fire, a sign of the inner passion that stirred him; and so much swelled that he became a mountain in whose bowels burns an eternal fire of love”.

His anger and pain gave life, therefore, to the volcano that draws the profile of the Gulf of Naples, Vesuvius.

Placed right in front of his beautiful Capri, Vesuvius continued to hatch within himself anger at the lost love, “and it flashes and is crowned with smoke and the fire overflows with flowing lava”.

A love denied, a tragic act, the pain for the loss of a loved one, from all this the island of Capri that we all love so much today, and Vesuvius, another symbol of our beautiful Naples, were born.

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