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The Ischia Room of the Napoliving structure has been designed and decorated in full Ischian style, with a wall painted in a relaxing and pleasant blue color, to remember the sea surrounding the island in an embrace.

To customize the room, as for the others, there are two paintings made on commission by a local painter that recall the colors and settings of the green island.

Equipped – as all the rooms of the structure – with a private bathroom with large shower, the Ischia Room is ideal for a couple or a single traveller, also thanks to its many comforts:

Free Wi-Fi

Minibar and fridge

Courtesy set

Daily towel change;

Daily room cleaning

Coffee machine and pods

Electric kettle and tea and herbal tea kit

44 inch TV

Air Conditioning


Baby crib on request

Why a room dedicated to Ischia?

If we had to answer this question imperceptibly, we should perhaps talk about the ancient history of the island of Ischia, the most populous island in Italy – if we exclude Sicily and Sardinia, which are, however, two regions.

Or, we should remember the naturalistic beauty that makes it unique.

Furthermore, we could stress the importance of the island for tourism in Campania, with hundreds of thousands of tourists attracted by its beauty every year.

Yet, to push us to dedicate a room of our accommodation facility to the Island of Ischia is a legend, one of the many linked to its mythical origins, and which fascinates us particularly.

We’ll tell you about it right away.

Typhaeus, the giant who supports Ischia

One of the legends about the origins of Ischia is linked to the figure of Typhaeus, the giant younger son of Gaea and Tartarus (according to one of the most accredited versions).

Half man and half beast, Typhaeus hurled himself against the gods, climbing Mount Olympus and frightening them to the point of forcing them to flee to Egypt.

Zeus, who also escaped to protect himself from Typhaeus’ fury, returned to his footsteps and challenged him, in a violent battle and epic developments, at the end of which the god of heaven and thunder managed to throw him down from Olympus into the sea.

At that point, he threw on Typhaeus a mountain, crushing him, giving life to the Island of Ischia and its Mount Epomeo, and condemned him to support it for eternity.

His repeated attempts at rebellion, with the aim of freeing himself from the weight of the Island, were in vain, but caused earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, while his tears of despair and his wheezing breath turned into the thermal waters and fumaroles that made Ischia famous all over the world, already in Roman times.

It is no coincidence that the name Typhaeus, in Greek, means “amazing smoke”.

It is a very fascinating legend, capable of finding an epic and adventurous explanation for the geological conformation of the island and its naturalistic riches.

Moreover, this thesis is corroborated by some places on the island, whose name recalls the body parts of Typhaeus: Panza, Ciglio, Bocca, Testaccio and Piedimonte.

Almost surreal is, then, the so-called “Typhaeus’ Foot”, a rock that reminds a lot of the shape of the giant’s foot.

A legend is, by its nature, little or not at all reliable, but we like to think that, to support the Island of Ischia and make it so unique in the world, is the presence, under the sea, of a giant who has challenged the Gods, condemned to bear the weight forever.

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