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Hello dear visitor, and welcome to the site of Napoliving, accommodation located in the center in the beautiful city of Naples.

Napoliving is located along the famous “Rettifilo”, that is Corso Umberto I, the main artery of the city that connects the central station of Piazza Garibaldi to the beating heart of Naples, crossing Piazza Nicola Amore (otherwise known as “I Quattro Palazzi”, the Four Buildings) and the University Federico II (the oldest state university in the world). 

We are right here, just after the University and a stone’s throw (literally) from the subway station of Università, located in the wider and refined Piazza Borsa.

It is a strategic point, because from our structure you can reach, on foot or by public transport, all the main places of interest of the city, from Via Duomo to Spaccanapoli, from Piazza Del Gesù to Via Roma, from the central station to the port, and so on. 

Equipped with 5 rooms full of light and color, and dedicated to 5 symbolic places of Naples and Campania in the world (Pompeii, Capri, Ischia, Amalfi, Sorrento), Napoliving offers you a stay in full respect of Neapolitan hospitality: courtesy, availability, cheerfulness. 

And, of course, good coffee!

We want to tell you a story

Make yourself comfortable, because we are about to tell you a story, at the end of which you can do nothing but book a room with us to join us in this enchanted place.

Talking about Naples is never easy because, like all the great metropolises of the world, it is full of contradictions, of an extraordinary beauty and endemic limits.  

But that’s not what we intend to dwell on, because if you’ve come this far it means that you’ve already done some research and informed yourself about what the Neapolitan city has to offer.

Well, it is precisely the term “Neapolitan” that gives us the cue to go beyond the clichés and sink our hands and spirit into the legend.  

Yes, because we could tell you that the city of Naples was founded in the 8th century B.C. by the Cumani, or we could underline its being one of the most important cities of Magna Graecia, but we could not make you perceive the poetry of a unique place in the world.  

Because this is Naples: a unique place in the world

So, let’s put history aside for a moment and focus on the myth. 

Surely you know the character of Ulysses, the protagonist of Homer’s immortal work “Odyssey”, which tells of his heroic and adventurous deeds. 

Most likely you have read or heard of one of the most difficult challenges that Ulysses and his men face, that of the Sirens who, with their bewitching song, obscure the mind of those who listen to him by luring him to the island and then killing him. 

Warned by the sorceress Circe about this danger, Ulysses orders his men on the ship to put wax plugs in their ears and not to untie him from the mast to which he had secured himself, so as not to hear the sirens’ song and cross that stretch of sea without being caught. 

The plan works and the sirens, defeated, take their own lives.

But we are not interested in the fate of Ulysses, nor those of the sirens, except for one of them, the Parthenope Siren 

Maybe the name will have already made you turn on a light bulb – keep reading, because it’s not over.

The body of the Parthenope Siren is carried by the current up to the rocks of Megaride, a small island where today stands Castel dell’Ovo, and then dissolve into the characteristic conformation of the Neapolitan landscape, with the head resting to the east, on the heights of Capodimonte, and the foot to the west, towards the promontory of Posillipo 

A tale of death and life, of defeat and rebirth, of fall and devotion, a Siren who becomes a Goddess for the local fishermen and gives life to the extraordinary landscape of the city of Naples, the most beautiful in the world.

Who knows, maybe that’s why Naples is so full of contradictions and contrasts, because that’s how it was created. 

Naples is not a city like all the others, and a map and a destination are not enough to visit it.  

Yes, because Naples is not a city to visit. 

Naples is a city to live, with Napoliving

We are waiting for you!

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Enjoy a stay surrounded by the colours of the Green Island sea


Spend a pleasant stay surrounded by the Amalfi style



Experience the atmosphere of the blue island, in the center of Naples


When you enter the room you can breathe the scent of the lemons of Sorrento


Book your stay and let yourself be charmed by the Pompeian atmosphere 

What we offer

Our rooms offer all the essential comforts and services to spend a memorable stay. Our goal is to make our guests happy, guaranteeing professionalism and courtesy, providing all the tools and pampering they deserve.


  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Minibar and fridge
  • Courtesy set
  • Daily towel change
  • Daily room cleaning
  • Coffee machine and pods
  • Electric kettle and tea and
    herbal tea kit
  • 44 inch TV
  • Air Conditioning
  • Soundproofing
  • Baby crib on request.

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