After landing at Capodichino Airport, reaching the city centre is very easy.

Central Station, in Garibaldi Square, is 4 km away from the airport, and these two essential points are connected by a shuttle named Alibus.

Nevertheless, you can also get to the city centre by taxi, but it is much more expensive.

Let’s see how to do it!

From Capodichino to the city centre: Alibus

A shuttle called Alibus guarantees both the stop at the station and the one at the port, leaving from the airport.

Alibus leaves from Capodichino and it is headed to Garibaldi Square, where the Central Station is located; then, it goes on towards the port (Immacolatella/Porta di Massa and Molo Angioino/Beverello stops, the latter being the terminal of the maritime station).

The way back is made up of the same stops in the opposite direction.

The service is available from Monday to Sunday with routes running every 22 minutes but, unlike pre-Covid19 situation, ticket sale is currently suspended on board.

You can purchase one-way tickets at the bus stop, from the Anm staff before getting on the bus, or by following this table, which includes timetables and travel times.

The ticket name is UNICO Alibus, it costs 5 euros and allows only one route on the shuttle and the use of all the UNICOCAMPANIA means of transportation within the urban area of Naples.

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You must validate the ticket once you get on the bus and, starting from that moment, it will last 90 minutes. Remember to keep it until you get off in case of controls.

You can get to the centre by taxi too.

From Capodichino to the city centre: taxi

At the airport, you will find the taxi area just outside the arrivals.

Taking a taxi is the best way to directly reach your destination, but fares are more expensive than Alibus tickets.

About getting to the city centre or the main places of interest like Molo Beverello, Angevin Keep, Mergellina, Pompeii and Caserta, fares are flat and valid throughout the day, during both a weekday and a public holiday.

So, if you opt for a taxi, at the start of the race you will have to ask for a flat rate as indicated on the rate table and, before leaving, the taxi driver is going to issue a receipt containing the chosen route and the fare from the table.

When a flat rate is adopted, it is valid for all the passengers on board and the taximeter doesn’t start.

The City of Naples has established flat rates, including extras, for taxis leaving from Capodichino airport, and you can find them within this document.

The last piece of advice: before getting on a taxi, pay attention to the four-digits CP number displayed both on the car door and inside of it, in order to spot the taxi driver in case you forget personal effects on board.

Choosing a car is another possible option to arrive at the city centre from the airport.

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From Capodichino to the city centre: car

There are two ways to get to the city centre – about 4 kilometres away from the airport – by car:

  • rent a car: and drive to your destination;
  • choose a private transfer: the service is carried out by drivers ready to welcome you upon your landing with a car or a minivan.

Just outside the airport, you will find the entrance to Napoli ring road.

Following the directions during normal traffic conditions, you will be in the city centre in 15 minutes.

Once at the Central Station, you can reach our Napoliving room on foot, if you wish, or by underground, Line 1, University station.