Naples is art, history and culture, and during your stay you will be spoiled for choice on what to see and what to do, according to the length of your vacation.

From May to September, Naples is a city where you can go to the sea, to relax in the sun and enjoy the breaks between one cultural tour and another.

In this article we suggest the beaches of Naples and surroundings where you can go to relax, excluding the renowned islands of Capri, Ischia and Procida, and the Amalfi Coast, which we have talked about in other blog articles.

We tell you about the favourite places for Neapolitans to swim and those little known by tourists, which are worth discovering.

From the hill of Posillipo to the beaches of Miseno, between breath-taking views and the company of Vesuvius, you will find many beaches to be experienced.

Bagno Elena

The first Neapolitan seaside establishment was built in 1840 at the beginning of Via Posillipo: Bagno Elena.

Very famous for its volcanic beach and for the privileged position between the historic XVII century building of Palazzo Donn’Anna and the watchtower of Palazzo Guercio.

Over the years it has been the favourite place of artists and intellectuals, such as Eduardo De Filippo, Totò, Wagner and Oscar Wilde.

The establishment consists of a central pier used as a solarium, a large beach, a smaller beach suitable for the needs of families with children, a beach bar and a restaurant.

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You can buy tickets for Bagno Elena on their website.

Bagno Sirena

On the other side of Palazzo Donn’Anna, you will find another well-known seaside establishment: Bagno Sirena.

Built in 1850, it is an oasis for relaxing, a good choice for relieving stress, lulled by the sound of the sea.

The beach has about 500 sunbeds overlooking the gulf and Vesuvius, and even if the area is not cheap, it is one of those experiences that is worth enjoying at least once in Naples.

To walk in the establishment, you have to cross the road, passing between the historic houses of Posillipo.

We suggest staying until sunset to admire the magic of the sun embracing the sea.

For information and reservations, please refer to the Bagno Sirena website.

Riva Fiorita

For years, the Italian TV channel Rai 3 has broadcast the soap Un Posto al Sole, which made the splendid Villa Volpicelli (location of Palazzo Palladini in the series) famous.

Another very famous historic building in Posillipo is Villa Rosebery, the summer residence of the President of the Italian Republic.

Among these imposing buildings, you will find a diamond, one of the most beautiful beaches in the area: Riva Fiorita.

A place as beautiful as it is precious, which can only be accessed either by walking Via Ferdinando Russo or by boat.

Often, this area is known for the renowned restaurant “Giuseppone a Mare”, which had been here since 1889, serving fish specialties overlooking Vesuvius.

Baia delle Rocce Verdi (Green Rocks Bay)

We are still in the Posillipo area, in the flagship seaside complex of Villa Fattorusso: Baia delle Rocce Verdi.

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The establishment is located on a tuffaceous structure, where you will have unforgettable moments of relax by the sea or while swimming in one of the two seawater pools (one for adults and one for children).

You can sunbathe and marvel a breath-taking view of Naples Gulf, Capri and Sorrento Peninsula.

Reservation is required, and you can find all the information on the site.

Cliffs of Marechiaro

Another place where Neapolitans enjoy the sun and the sea is “‘O Scuglione e’ Marechiaro” – the big cliff of Marechiaro.

Symbol of the Dolce Vita of the 1960s, here it is still possible to feel the unique atmosphere of a typical small fishers’ village.

It can be reached either from Calata Ponticello or by boat thanks to the historic boatmen of Marechiaro, and it is also possible to book excursions to the Gaiola Submerged Park.

The water is among the most pristine in the area, with a spectacular view of Vesuvius, Sorrento Peninsula and Capri.

The cliffs are free, so umbrellas, deck chairs and packed lunches can be brought onto it, even if the surroundings are full of pretty restaurants and cafes.

Next to it, you will find the Lido Marechiaro, for which where you can book the sunbeds placed on the pier.

Submerged Park of Gaiola

The Gaiola Submerged Park is an enchanting place, a protected marine area, where you can go scuba diving, snorkelling or have guided tours of the Pausilypon Archaeological Park.

The beach is a suggestive place, an unspoiled oasis with clear waters that can be reached also on foot departing from Parco Virgiliano, along a road of curves and stairs.

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Access is free, but after Covid-19 pandemic the beach opens on two shifts (9am-1pm and 2pm-6pm) with a one-hour-long interval for sanitization and a maximum of 200 people per shift. Therefore, a reservation indicating the number of people and the timespan is required on the CSI Gaiola website.

The beaches of Miseno and Miliscola

The beaches of Miseno and Miliscola are the best choice if you love fine sand and equipped seaside establishments. They can be reached either by car of with a shuttle departing from Vomero.

In these areas you will also find many free beaches for which, in compliance with the new legislations, you can book a place with the app Prenotalido.

So, are you ready to enjoy the sea and the beaches of Naples?

We are looking forward to host you in the Napoliving rooms for your vacation, to offer you all the information you will need!